Edward‘s Urban Fish & Chips

Edward’s Urban Fish & Chips – A Seaside Culinary Oasis in Austin Heights, Johor Bahru

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Edward’s Urban Fish & Chips Austin Outlet, tucked away in the center of Austin Heights, Johor Bahru, invites you to go on a singular culinary adventure that combines classic British fare with a cutting-edge modern twist.

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The restaurant’s décor, which features marine themes and white and blue furnishings, takes patrons to a seaside getaway. Imagine yourself dining in a charming beach town while the warm glow of sunset adds a hint of romanticism to the occasion. The tasteful interior design, which creates a calm and relaxed ambiance ideal for indulging in a seafood feast, reflects the owner’s profound love of the ocean.

Edward’s Urban Fish & Chips is proud of its house specialty, fish and chips. With a variety of perch, barramundi, and dory available, the restaurant guarantees the highest quality of freshness and tenderness. The carefully prepared batter, which yields a crispy, golden top and an incredibly juicy and soft interior, is the key. The experience is enhanced by the addition of the distinctive “Edward’s Spicy Herb Sauce,” which has the ideal balance of sour, spicy, and sweet characteristics.

In addition to the well-known Fish & Chips, the menu offers a variety of seafood appetizers, including homemade mushroom soup, lemon pie, and chicken chop spaghetti. Edward’s Urban Fish & Chips is more than simply a restaurant; it’s a haven for people looking for a cozy, distinctive setting in which to savor a seafood feast, inviting each visitor to partake in an amazing gastronomic adventure.

Visit this restaurant to start your culinary journey by the sea. Savor both innovation and tradition while taking your taste senses on a culinary voyage you won’t soon forget. Come dine with us and create memories of meals by the sea with your loved ones.

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Edward‘s Urban Fish & Chips

Hours : 12pm – 10pm

Address : 25, Jalan Austin Height, 7, 2, Taman Mount Austin, 81100 Johor Bahru, Johor

Phone :+60109305818

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