L.table Taman Pelangi: Where Culinary Excellence Meets Tranquil Ambiance

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Tucked away in Taman Pelangi, L.table offers a haven where comfort cuisine and a chic, laid-back atmosphere converge. This Western-style restaurant, which is a branch of the well-known Lavender bakery business, combines delicious food with a cozy atmosphere.

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The menu at L.table speaks volumes about their commitment to quality and taste. Chefs exclusively utilize premium ingredients such as organic Himalayan rock salt, free-range chicken, and bronze-wire cut Italian pasta, ensuring each dish isn’t just a meal but a culinary experience. Standout creations like the Hearty Chicken Chowder and the unique “Har Jiong” Chicken Burger, featuring an Asian twist with fermented shrimp paste, showcase the culinary prowess. For dessert enthusiasts, the Chantilly Cream Pancakes provide a sweet finale.

The restaurant’s cozy atmosphere makes it an ideal spot for special occasions or casual dining. Dim lighting and homely decorations create a tranquil environment, perfect for unwinding. Whether planning a romantic dinner or a family outing, L.table’s welcoming vibe caters to all.

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Elevating the dining experience, L.table hosts live music performances on selected evenings. Acoustic sessions featuring local talents add an extra layer of enjoyment, transforming the place into not just a dining destination but also a venue for unwinding and entertainment.

L.table in Taman Pelangi is more than a restaurant; it’s a destination where food, comfort, and entertainment converge. Whether craving a gourmet meal, a casual bite, or a relaxing evening with good music, L.table offers an experience for all. Plan your visit to L.table for an unforgettable dining experience that tantalizes taste buds and soothes the soul. Join us in savoring the best of culinary bliss in a tranquil setting.

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*Source From Internet

Lavender – L.Table

Hours : 11am – 10pm

Address : 64, 66 & 68, Jalan Serampang, Taman Pelangi, 80400 Johor Bahru, Johor

Phone :+6073391333

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