WuTai Zha Xia Bing

Prawn Perfection: Johor Jaya’s Crispy Delights at WuTai Zha Xia Bing

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WuTai Zha Xia Bing has established a reputation for itself in the bustling Taman Johor Jaya neighborhood of Johor, enthralling both residents and tourists. For those who want simple, authentic food, this little stand in the middle of the busy streets offers a refuge. WuTai’s dishes, which are well-known for its fried prawn crackers and chive cakes, epitomize traditional street food at its best.

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WuTai Zha Xia Bing’s specialty dish, prawn crackers, is well-known for its outstanding quality. With every bite, the golden and crispy shell of each piece reveals the succulent flesh of four to six fresh tiny white prawns, providing a rush of ocean freshness. Not only is the flavor irresistible, but this treat is also very reasonably priced at just RM1.50, making it available to everyone.

The chive cakes are equally delicious, bursting with the lively, fresh flavor of chives and providing the ideal harmony between the herb’s unique flavor and natural aroma. These cakes are an experience, a fusion of flavors and textures that linger in the mouth, rather than just a simple nibble. The tangy calamansi zest infuses WuTai Zha Xia Bing’s handmade chili sauce, adding a zesty touch that enhances the tastes and gives the meal a wonderful heat.

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WuTai Zha Xia Bing is an essential destination for everyone visiting Taman Johor Jaya. This is a chance to experience the essence of regional food and see directly the culinary magic that has made this stand a treasured feature in the neighborhood. Every component of Wu Tai’s cuisine, from the mouthwatering prawn crackers to the flavorful chive cakes to the fiery chili sauce, is a celebration of flavor and heritage, guaranteeing a fulfilling and remarkable eating experience.

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Wu Tai Zha Xia Bing

Hours : 10am – 4pm (Monday and Thursday Closed)

Address : 35, Jalan Dedap 16, Johor Jaya, 81100 Johor Bahru, Johor

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