Savor Delightful Flavors at Koramie at Adda Heights: A Culinary Journey Beyond Taste

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The idea of instant noodles has been completely transformed by Koramie, the newest culinary phenomenon in Johor Bahru. Touted as the first self-serve instant noodle restaurant open 24 hours a day in Malaysia, Koramie provides a distinctive dining experience modeled after South Korean convenience stores. Since its August 2023 opening, it has grown to be a popular destination for late-night foodies and lovers of noodles.

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A welcoming “ramen wall” featuring a wide variety of instant noodles from Malaysia, Japan, Korea, China, Thailand, and Singapore welcomes visitors to Koramie. There’s always a fresh taste to discover thanks to this amazing selection. A wide variety of diners are drawn to Koramie’s stylish and inviting atmosphere, which is reminiscent of a Korean convenience shop.

The DIY experience is the core idea behind Koramie’s concept. After selecting from a variety of instant noodles, customers can browse the add-on options. These toppings, which emphasize convenience and hygiene, include cheddar tofu, kimchi, kani crab chunks, and lobster balls. Each topping is individually vacuum-sealed. Customers can have a personalized and customized cooking experience by cooking their noodles on the induction stoves after making their decision.

In addition to its noodles, Koramie is notable for its wide selection of other dishes. There is something to please every pallet, including the well-known Mee Maggi Special with its proprietary chili sauce and other treats like Nasi Ayam and Kuey Tiow Cantonese. To complete the meal, the restaurant serves a selection of drinks and ice cream.

The restaurant’s self-service concept is enhanced by friendly employees who walk patrons through the steps, guaranteeing a smooth and pleasurable encounter. Koramie is open 24 hours a day, so you may come here for a casual hangout or to satisfy your late-night desires.

Visit Koramie in Johor Bahru for a unique gastronomic encounter. Experience the delight of crafting your own noodle masterpiece at any hour of the day. Koramie promises to provide a memorable dining experience, regardless of your level of expertise with noodles or your curiosity about this unique concept.


Hours : 24Hours

Address : 49, Jln Adda 3/1, Adda Heights, 81100 Johor Bahru, Johor

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