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Mixue Eco Botanic: Where Tradition Meets Trend in Johor Bahru’s Vibrant Streets

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Tucked away in the energetic streets of Johor Bahru, Mixue Eco Botanic is a unique experience that combines traditional flavours with modern tastes. Mixue, a well-known Chinese tea company with over 22,000 locations worldwide, offers an immersive experience that goes beyond simply satisfying your thirst.

Mixue Eco Botanic

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Surprisingly reasonably priced, Mixue makes a splash in the posh neighborhood of Eco Botanic. Exhibiting a varied selection of dishes, like zesty Fresh-Squeezed Lemonade and rich Coconut Jelly Milk Tea, the menu is reasonably priced in comparison to other bubble tea establishments in Malaysia. Their ice creams, which are regularly the subject of enticing promotions, give your visit a sweet touch.

A beloved mainstay at Mixue, the Peach Mi-Shake is known for its refreshing, quenching effect and sweet flavor that satisfies the palate. The Brown Sugar Pearl Milk Tea is a must-try for tea lovers seeking a more complex flavor. It perfectly balances sweetness and generous serving size.

The Eco Botanic store in Mixue has a stylish, modern aesthetic while retaining the allure of its Chinese heritage. The store welcomes you into an ambiance that combines comfort and luxury, with its vibrant red sign serving as a beacon. It’s the ideal place for a leisurely get-together or a restorative pause.

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At here, where traditional and trendy meet, go on a culinary discovery. The variety and quality here are sure to please, whether you’re there for a fast snack or a leisurely drink. Come enjoy the distinct atmosphere and flavors that are exclusive to Mixue Eco Botanic in Johor Bahru, and feel free to invite your friends. Join us as we explore the fascinating world of flavors that lie ahead!

Mixue Eco Botanic

Hours :11am – 11pm

Address : B0110, Blok B, Eco Galleria, 3, Jalan Eko Botani 3/2, Taman Eko Botani, 79100 Iskandar Puteri, Johor

Phone :+60183698831

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